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What writers say about Debbie's illustration for their stories.

I was delighted with Debbie Hughes's illustration for my story, "Mother Moves In" (Realms of Fantasy June 1995). The dramatic design immediately captured my attention, flowing from one sensitively-wrought element to another and capturing perfectly the ambivalence and poignancy of the tale. " I loved your illo -- you really caught the poignancy of the relationship, with the mother's silhouette looming in the background."


Deborah J. Ross is an award-nominated writer and editor of fantasy and science fiction. Her most recent books include Thunderlord  and The Children of Kings (with Marion Zimmer Bradley); Collaborators (as Deborah Wheeler), and The Seven-Petaled Shield  trilogy. Her short fiction has appeared in F & SF, Asimov's, Star Wars: Tales from Jabba's Palace, Realms of Fantasy, and Sword & Sorceress. Her work has earned Honorable Mention in Year's Best SF, and nominations for Gaylactic Spectrum Award, Lambda Literary Award, National Fantasy Federation Speculative Fiction Award for Best Author. She has served as Secretary to the Science Fiction Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) and is currently on the jury for the Philip K. Dick Award.


"Time Enough" was one of my first published stories. I was so thrilled to have such an obviously accomplished illustrator, who captured the story's sense of urgency. The test of an illustration is the question: "If I wasn't the author and didn't know the author, would this picture pique my curiosity and make me want to read to find out what's going on?" And the answer for me would have been "yes." I've seen other pictures Debbie Hughes has done, and I am consistently impressed.


VVV (Vivian Vade Veldi)

"Time Enough" Amazing Stories Magazine , issue six, 1991. Short Story by Vivian Vande Veldi. Interior color


"Debbie Hughes' beautiful illustration for my short story, which appeared in a professional science fiction magazine, captured both the details and the spirit of what I was trying to convey in words.  The painting also stands on its own as a work of art — one needn’t read the story to read the painting as a tale of love across generations.  To my delight, I was able to purchase the original from Debbie, and ever since it has held a place of honor in my office."

Joyce K. Jensen

Merging Forever with the Dolowei" Amazing Stories Magazine, Short Story by Joyce K. Jenson. Interior color.

January 1993



Debbie, for what it's worth, I loved your portrait of Kim Brandywine. I thought you captured her spirit perfectly.

Jack McDevitt

Infinity Beach, Easton Press edition, 2000. Novel by Jack McDevitt. Color Frontispiece. Limited Leatherbound Edition.


"It's always a thrill to have a cover by Debbie Hughes” -- Mike Resnick

Purgatory, Easton Press, 1993. Novel by Mike Resnick. Color frontispiece. Limited Leatherbound Edition.


Thank you, Deb.  Your picture is one of my favorite interpretations of Mia. Alexei Panshin

Rite of Passage, Easton Press, 1991. Novel by Alexei Panshin. Color frontispiece. Limited Leatherbound Edition

September 24, 1990

Dear. Ms. Hughes

May I say that you did a terrific job on the cover of my latest, A Roil of Stars. It is beautifully done!

With best wishes,

Don Wismer

(adress removed)

(This was a typed letter sent to me via regular mail.)

Dear Debbie: I really loved the way you captured the little girl looking up at her father - the central theme in my novel DUST - which I began writing the week she was born (September 1994), and which leads up to what I woke up from as what was then the worst nightmare I ever had: What if, to save hundreds of millions of lives, you had to choose between those lives and having to drop your little girl to a horrible death, as he looks into your eyes? 

Charles Pellegrino.

Feb. 21, 2019

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