We are Spirits in the Celebrity World

May 25, 2017

Tonight I watched Survivor, a show I have watched for a long time. 

The only other shows I watch religiously are The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, Fargo and Genius. If I am up late and need to watch a movie before bed, which I often fall asleep while watching, I find something on NetFlix.


I spend most of my days in a quiet house, no tv, no music. I open all the doors, I turn on fans. I drink my coffee and eat my lunch out on the porch where I watch the birds and hear the lovely sounds of living in the country. It is my heaven. I go to the computer and check my email, my facebook and my webpage. Sometimes I do research for a painting. I also read articles to learn. I am not a internet junkie and I am also not interested in shopping or posting or waisting hours and hours on garbage. 


On Survivor, Ozzie, who I love, made a big speech. You see it was the end of the show, Sara: the police officer, won. I liked Sara too, but Ozzie I really adored and wanted to win too. I mean if there is justice in the world, he should have won. But Ozzie, made a speech about the show. He said that that others could use the lessons from Survivor to make changed in the real world, especially in government, especially with the shit farm we have in Washington DC right now. And yeah, I agree with you Ozzie, but are we not putting the cart before the horse? Isn't it more like, if we were not so hooked on vicarious living, then we might find more reasons to really live our own lives and make changes. Or was this and has this been part of the machine that has kept us complacent? 


I think Ozzie inadvertently changed my views, but it's not by learning from a television show.  It is more like realizing the saturation of media that is zapping all of our verve, stamina, originality and creativity and demanding that it stay hostage in our minds. In addition, we allow the onslaught of mediocre, adolescent, crude and base thoughts to dilute and contaminate our daily lives. It's one of those annoying dreams, not so much fun, could be better, we wake up from with a very dry mouth. 

Oh, I had too much tv last night, I need to stop that. 


Since Trump got elected, the one good thing that has occurred despite him, is that people have become politically active. I have done this. But there are many who find refuge in another world.

I love The Walking Dead, and I visit Fan pages. When others I have seen on FB have daily voiced their dissent, I have seen others who have buried themselves in the world of  TWD.  I am guilty as well, I love the show. But I have another life. I think my life is important or even more important then a TV SHOW.


Many of us have changed our diets, exercised, gone to the doctor, quit smoking. 


There is nothing wrong with entertainment. But the gluttony of it as I have seen and continue to see

is detrimental to our health. We don't need it. 


I think this is why we don't evolve and we have to as a species right now and why the planet is in danger. Turn off the tv. Go outside.

Talk to others, watch the world, before the real world is


beyond our grasp. 






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