When beauty is universally acclaimed therein is ugliness

When I studied art history in College I never once thought that any artist was better then another. A Van Gogh stood equally with a Jackson Pollock. There are always levels of technique but when you look at art it's something deeper that speaks out.

I have been doing Fantastic Art now for forty years. Every painting is a piece of me, some more then others. I re-watched a movie that hit close to home for me. Its called the Red Violin. The movie is a bit

creepy and spoiler alert here, but the violin is red because it holds within itself a piece of a human. I feel that way about my art.

So, when I hear others expound about great fantastic art and they exclude many, many artists to just an elite few, that is selfish and egotistical. Some of this is not outright statements of being better but it is most certainly being implied. There are No artists in my book who are better then others. There might be some who just don't have the technique yet or who are timid or need more encouragement.

Let me also explain as well, I have had to shut my mouth many times about this because it sounds like sour grapes, however I have experienced this enough to put my foot down. I joined fandom because it is accepting of everyone, no matter where you come from. But when I have experienced being ostracized it has come from those who have power, those who can keep you from moving ahead because they decide who gets in and who does not. These people are not part of fandom, they judge, they pick, they believe they are the authorities on what is good and what is not. Fortunately, time will always tell the truth and people are smart. Good art stands the test of time. It goes beyond what is the flavor of the month, it goes beyond style, it goes beyond marketing trends, it goes beyond sentimentality and fads, it goes beyond slickness and garishness, it can be something simple and honest, it has its own being and its own truth.

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