Going live?

July 9, 2017

We are beginning to see this daily, a little message pops up on your Facebook telling you that one of your friends is on live camera now. The excitement is just so hard to contain. You go for the hell of it, thinking,  I can say hi. You show up, they say hi. You wait for something to happen. 


If there is nothing really significant going on, this presents a somewhat awkward moment. They are sitting there either at a desk or in a car or maybe outside and basically making it up as they go along.

 I did one live video, I found it strange. The next time I do it, I will plan it better and actually have something to talk about. The thing is, most people don't really have a plan, its just bloop, there they are, as if something really phenomenal is going to happen. I am sorry, but seeing you drive to Walmart with Timmy in the back seat is not captivating. 

Now I have seen ones where there is constant activity behind the person, like my friend Jeff, does one where he is putting on makeup for a stage performance and his fellow actors are actually stealing his show from behind. I like those, they are amusing and spontaneous. 

So I woke up this morning thinking, has anyone done a parody of these live videos? I would love to do one. Thing is what worries me is that my friends would think I was serious. My husband suggested we do one at a funeral. Picture this, you go live on Facebook, you are at the funeral, best to do the graveside one not the one inside the church. You have to whisper. You could do a play by play of events, narrating who is who. 


No, probably not a good idea. 


The dentist live video would be good one, if you could get the camera near your face, maybe tape it to your ear. 


If you want to add on here, feel free, this would make a good thread.


There is so much video now, that we are saturated with the mundane. Think about it and if you do a video, please bear in mind, people are watching. Perhaps one of the good things, is that Facebook deletes them after a certain time limit. At least I believe this is so, since I have not found them backlogged on people's sites. Think of it as letting people know something they never knew before, so take me along on your vacation to the Grand Canyon or the Desert, I would like that. But spare me from your trip to Publix, please.



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