What an artist sees

This day was long, filled with chores undone because of weeks of cold weather, rain, near disasters to our home due to bad weather. But we made it through.

As the evening approached us, we sat on the front porch as the sky showed its beautiful hues of twilight and we rested. It is that time where the world visits your being and if you let it, it will inflate your mind and spirit with contentment.

If I were a musician I would contemplate the sounds of birds, the rustle of leaves, the winds I hear and examine the subtlety of each note and what register and cord it was. But as an artist and one who paints pictures I study the sky, I think on the colors as they deepen from one hue into another. I examine the texture on every tree, I think on what exact tube of paint would be needed to produce that image. I frame the picture to perfect composition.

An artist sees. This is what we do, and we cannot help it. When we go out, we study the world. We do this especially if we are working on a painting. Sometimes it is because we are not quite sure we have it right, so we observe and we go back to our canvas, and sometimes we do it because we want to see the world a bit differently and did not catch it the first time. But the point I make is that it is a constant thing, atleast it is with me. My eyes are always observing the world around me and taking mental snapshots that I can revisit later.

The other part is somewhat trickier and that is the emotional side of what I paint. I do believe that every painting is a reflection of the mental and emotional state of the artist in his journey through this life. Some artists express it profoundly when they lift themselves from technician into creators.

I would like to start a series of interviews with artists who I find interesting and who I feel are navigating their way through visions they feel and see. Maybe I am not the only one who studies the environment and catalogues it each day. I would like to compare their experiences to mine and hopefully entertain my readers as well.

Stay tuned.

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