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Black Friday

November 30, 2019


My husband has to work in the midst of this black friday today. I hate that he has to deal with it. I also find it such a waste of our lives, spending a holiday meant for appreciating friends and/or family and contributing to the vast consumerism that is contributing to vast amounts of garbage in our landfills, more plastic killing our wildlife and polluting the earth and more money in the pockets of big business who get greedier and greedier and could care less about the survival of us, animals, the planet.


Dean asked me if I wanted anything today out of the "incredible deals" "the most sought after items", "the things you cannot live life without". I said I could use some socks. I have no matching pairs. I need this item marginally.

I am not sure why this whole phenomena continues, I wish there was a movement to change everyone so that buying becomes the least important thing. I do not accept the theory that we need consumerism, we survived before without it, we do not need it now. We need food, shelter, clean water. We do need medical and healthy life styles. We have gone so overboard on entertainment.


Watching the news this morning, with all that is going on in Syria, the Ukraine, Hong Kong, there are 7 countries at war now. Our own country is experiencing horrific fires, record breaking cold, tornados, flooding. And yet, the stories are on black friday with mad crowds rushing to buy the new airpods, the newest phones and tvs. What is wrong with us? I just know that there are countries who stare in disbelieve at the folly of the United States, a country with a rogue president and insane GOP and they wonder when a black hole will develop beneath our feet and swallow us whole.


We need to change and that change needs to manifest itself at our very core.




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Black Friday

November 30, 2019

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