Neighbors from Hell

July 27, 2020


My husband and I moved to Buford, Georgia in March of 2014. We came here to take care of my

aging mother. We took care of her from that time til her death in April of 2016. It was not easy

and it was both sad and exhausting.


We moved into a home that was part of the property that was owned by my previous step-father

a very good man by the name of Henry Hughes. Henry was a real father to me, he was

kind, caring and was there for me until his death in 1981 of cancer. He also worked like a dog

to gain this property, he wanted it for us. He told me many times that it was something we 

could count on when we grew old.  My mother waited one year, after he died, she did the same

after my real father committed suicide before she found another man. This time she married

a swindler who lived down the road in a trailer park who convinced her to divide up her land

and sell it so he could live off the money and travel about the world. This man also gave

a  substantial part of the money to his step grand children who regular mooched off my mother

As the two of them grew older, my second step-father Red enlisted his step-grand daughter, to take care of things around the property. When he died, she not only left

the property un-attended she left my mother to fend for herself. 

She did not pay her bills and she put her in a nursing home and continued to drain her bank account each month.


I later had to take my mother to a lawyer and redo her will because the lawyer that had handled her Will before was arrested and disbarred. The woman, who was taking care of my mother, knew this, but hid it from me. 


The bitch in question was really good friends with my neighbor: a seedy little bully man who made regular habits of walking on our property day and night. My mother before she died warned me never to talk to him. She told me that he was sneaking around on her property and looking in her

window at night. I thought she was just old and confused. She did have dementia.


The first encounter I had with these neighbors was a rather rotund woman who came over to ask me if she could have cars park in our our yard for her child's beauty pageant meeting.

She professed that my mother and step-father always allowed them to use

our yard and driveway. I did not think it was all that intrusive at first. I thought one time was perhaps ok. But this went on, it became not a favor nor a need, it became dis-respect and a constant



Anyways, when my mother died, the step-granddaughter did not get anything out of the corrected WILL, things changed a bit around the old homestead. The bully next door was not so friendly with us, not that he was ever really friendly or courteous or considerate. Never once, did either of these two ever ask us about us, about my mother, about what we did, nor did they care. They 

were however, consistently interested in how they could drive their cars through our property, walk

around on our property, have their kids play on our property. I am surprised that they did not ask if they could come over and take a shit on our property.

The bully actually came over and walked down our driveway with a rifle one day. It was Christmas Day!. My husband and I confronted him and asked him what the hell he was doing and the asshole told us he was walking on down to the neighbor's house to return a gun he borrowed. He

actually jaunted as he walked, proudly holding that rifle and flaunting it. It was the height of "little

man attitude". My husband and I both laughed at first because we were actually mortified by the

insane behavior. Several months later, he gutted a deer ten feet from our door and left the guts to rot over the weekend and he and his family left. We had to call the police and he was told to remove the entrails immediately. 

Meanwhile we had hundreds of flies on our windows.  


This continued disregard and dis-respect continued with them. We did not see a day where

one of them was not blatantly driving up our driveway, or walking in our yard. In addition, we regularly

witnessed profuse obscenities, yelling, abusive language that issued like gunfire from their yard and porch day and night. The obscenities were heard far and wide, other neighbors heard it. Other neighbors grew tired of it. WE were right next to it, it was loud and disturbing. One neighbor

who bought a home from my mother on the other side of the property had to listen to this and

swore it was one of the reasons he hated living where he was.


Finally, one day, I asked the little bully man on a day that was exhausting for me, to stop driving his

ATV up our driveway. He had his son with him and they both felt it was ok to disregard our No-trespassing sign and do this. I asked him politely. He would not listen. I told him that the noise

disturbed us and we wanted quiet. He started arguing with me. He refused to listen and told

me he was not doing any harm by doing this. He showed me the same dis-respect and disregard

that he was accustomed to showing my mother. This was a guy used to walking on other people

and someone came up to him and told him NO. I yelled at him to listen. This was apparently

the wrong thing to do in his mind. In response he yelled back at me and called me a bitch.

I called my husband. He then told me "go ahead, I will beat the shit out of him". I did go get my husband. He came out and confronted him. I do not know know what he said, but I am pretty

sure he told him to button it up and get out of our yard.


This of course was the beginning of a long series of harassments from this jerk. He would come 

up later at night and I could hear him outside my room calling me a bitch. He never stopped

walking in our yard or leaving objects in our yard. He once boldly came up to us when we had 

just painted our porch and he walked on the fresh paint. He was drunk. We ignored him because

he was so drunk that he was slurring his speech. He told us at that point that he thought about

putting some baby copperhead snakes in our car but changed his mind.


Finally one day, he committed a felon.  He punched a man and knocked him

out in a store down the road from us, I saw it on tape. Someone at the store posted it to youtube. He put the man in the hospital. He evaded police for a week and then was put in jail. There were other charges. I thought finally this bullshit would end. But low and behold he gets out

not one month later. I am not sure what happened after that but saw very little of him a year

after that. I do know he was still living next door.


With Covid, I have had to endure this monster again though this time, he is not being abusive

or mean. He is just near us. His family is quite for the most part. I will not put up with this ever

again. I have a detailed record plus video and photos that backdate to 2017. There

are three documented police reports on record with the police department.  I have it printed

and photocopies are made in an envelope ready for a willing officer to take a look at. 


I do not want anyone to have a bad life, I really don't. But I do not and will not tolerate anyone

who tries to infringe on my rights, who thinks it is ok to walk on me ever again. Not going to happen.















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Neighbors from Hell

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