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Many of my fantasy works have been personal pieces but there are also quite a few pieces used for magazine and books. Descriptively they include, dragons, seas, castles, warriors, knights, architectural ruins, octopus, ghosts, snow covered forests, geisha ghosts, the mask of the red death, Edgar Alan Poe stories, the Vampire Lestat, Egyptian tombs, ghost ships, ghosts in everyday life, air ships, alien planets, fairies, evil priests and scary churches and more. Enjoy. All works are copyrighted.

Stop AI theft

This site has been revised to contain less of my paintings because of art theft from the LAION-5B and the Laion-400M image datasets.Image generating AI's are now using my art and others art to train the AI robot in programs like MidJourney and Dall-E. I found over 140 of my images already in the LAION-5B - Laion-400M database. Therefore, I have decided not  to feed this machine.

These Billion Dollar companies did not ask permission and are violating copyright laws by use of my art work.Please do not use these programs, you are hurting illustrators and artists. Please contact your local representative in the House and Senate to object to use of artists works for profit by companies who are violating copyright laws.

In order for an AI to be able to recreate art "in the style of" an artist it needs to be trained on their work. This is done by including the artist's works in the training data for the AI which would make all of the subsequently generated works "derivative works" which are covered under copyright law in the US.  In addition, including a piece of art in the training data for an AI influences all of the art that AI produces, so it would be considered derivative.#stopAItheft 

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